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Palm Beach Aquarium Specialists


Private Oceans is a full service aquarium service company and retail store that provides freshwater and saltwater aquarium service throughout Palm Beach County.

Our store is located in West Palm Beach, FL, and is stocked with the highest grade LPS, SPS coral, fish and invertebrates. We work hard to keep all our marine life happy so that they’re healthy when they reach our customers!

Aquarium Maintenance

Private Oceans provides superior private maintenance care for any aquarium. Our professional technicians have a genuine passion for marine life and are knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of an aquarium ecosystem, which ensures that tanks maintained by Private Oceans always receive superior care and all living species within the aquarium thrive in their new home.


A healthy aquarium requires regular care and maintenance. Our specialists know that every tank is different, so we nurture each aquarium individually, taking its unique ecosystem into account. Our routine maintenance service is dedicated to nurturing and caring for each element in the ecosystem so our clients can enjoy the beauty of their aquarium. Expert technicians work to ensure the overall health and appearance of the fish and other aquatic species, perform tests to assess the quality of the tank, and regularly change the water and vacuum the gravel to keep the underwater environment healthy and flourishing. 


Good aquarium care results in a healthy aquatic environment. Our team is dedicated to overseeing this ongoing process. Our service allows clients to enjoy the outstanding beauty of an aquarium regardless of a busy lifestyle.


Aquarium Install & Repair

Private Oceans specializes in aquarium installation and repair services. We offer our clients the flexibility of an on or off-site build, as well as fast delivery and a careful fish tank installation. Our technicians recreate the vision of our clients, building stunning aquariums that are natural show-stoppers.

We assemble an environment that complements the space, meets the budget, and satisfies the aesthetic desires of our clients. Once the aquarium has cycled, we gradually introduce fish and coral, maintaining the careful balance of a healthy living aquarium.

If aquarium repairs are needed, our technicians will work to get things back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our proven history of excellence is why aquarium owners in West Palm Beach, FL, trust Private Oceans to maintain and repair their underwater works of art.

Seasonal Aquariums

Private Oceans offers the flexibility of a seasonal aquarium. We design, install, maintain, and later uninstall the aquarium when the lease contract is over.

This allows our clients to enjoy the beauty of a vibrant aquarium, without the hassle of a full commitment. Our clients receive the premium quality and service of a Private Oceans aquarium, with the additional convenience of not being locked into ownership.

Our seasonal aquarium option is the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to bring the beauty of the ocean into any residence or business. Contact us about leasing an aquarium today.


Quality Service

Our experts understand the fragile nature of an aquarium ecosystem and that a healthy aquarium begins with the purity and quality of the water that fills it. We use the highest quality synthetic saltwater on the market.


The use of synthetic saltwater ensures no possible contamination like you would risk from natural sea water such as unknown algae, pest, freshwater runoff or even leaked boat fuel.

Further upholding our belief in premium quality, our aquarium specialists hand select all corals, fish, and livestock from various suppliers.

Our experts choose only the most beautiful and healthy specimens to populate and thrive in a Private Oceans aquarium.

Contact Us

502 Palm St #6,

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone: 561-329-1735

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